Vision, Mission and Objectives

Towards a pioneering and world-leading distinguished College of Pharmacy in the field of pharmaceutical sciences based on its educational programs, research activities, and community services.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Beni Suef University, seeks to prepare qualified scientific research cadres in the field of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences to serve the community, and meet the needs of the labor market by preparing an infrastructure of knowledge and skills to make it  able to compete locally, regionally and globally, and to keep pace with the scientific and technological developments.

Strategic Objectives (2021 - 2025):
1- Supporting the education system to prepare a graduate capable of competing in the labor market.
2- Supporting the scientific research system,  and upgrading the competitive position of the institution.
3- Enhancing cooperation with graduates and external institutions to promote the  society.
4- Developing the financial resources of the college.
5- Developing and promoting the skills and efficiency of the human resources.
6- Supporting and developing education quality assurance systems, and achieving continuous improvement.