Vacations and Missions

  Terms of reference
1. Receive requests for secondment of faculty members from universities, colleges, Arab and African institutes and other local and foreign scientific bodies and directing them to specialized colleges and institutes.
2. Receive the decisions of the boards of colleges and institutes on loan and prepare the necessary notes in the light of the regulations and rules of loan at the university.
3. To take the procedures of nomination and identification of secondment for faculty members outside and inside and to keep private records for it.
4. Taking the procedures of sending faculty members to attend conferences abroad as well as meetings, seminars and scientific visits.
5. To keep complete information about the members of the teaching staff who are seconded or assigned in scientific missions and follow up with them in order to provide a clear picture of them in terms of the colleges and institutes they follow, their specialties and their loan Headquarters .
6. To take the procedures of nomination and dispatch of faculty members in scientific missions abroad and to keep records of this.
7. Follow-up procedures to grant faculty members scientific leave and keep records of this.