Terms of reference
1. Receiving the publications of conferences, seminars and courses from different bodies from outside the university, whether Egyptian or foreign, and communicate them to the university faculties and institutes concerned.
2. Receiving the proposals of the colleges for the travel of faculty members to attend conferences both at home and abroad.
3. Taking the procedures of presenting the topics of the conferences to the vice president for postgraduate studies and researches and the university president after confirming the completion of the papers and completing them.
4. Preparation of records indicating the travel of a faculty member to attend various conferences and the extent of the university's contribution to the expenses of attending these conferences.
5. Preparation of a geographical register showing the conferences held in each country and the names of the faculty members who nominated them for each conference.
6. Issuing the university president's decision in case the university contributes to the expenses of the conference (half of travel expenses and travel allowance) and in the case of whether the member will discuss the conference or chair a session of the conference.
7. Notification of the Ministry of Higher Education (General Administration of Cultural Relations) to obtain the ministerial decisions necessary for the travel of faculty members when the ministry's contribution half the expenses and notify the concerned college and the management of accounts and budget to take the necessary.
8. Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take its approval in the event that the member of the Arab Republic of Egypt is represented at the conference.
9. Receiving the reports of the members of the faculty about attending conferences for presentation to the Council of Graduate Studies and Research.
10. Preparing a special folder for the reports submitted by the members of the faculty about attending conferences, seminars and scientific missions.
11. Receiving applications from colleges to hold local conferences held in the branches of the university and take the approval of its existence and to inform the College concerned and public relations at the university and sometimes inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of participation of foreign members in the conference.