Dean's Duties

  To manage the affairs of the College and manage its practical, administrative and financial affairs within the limits set by the College Council in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and decisions in force.
1. Supervising the preparation of the educational and practical plan in the college and following up on its implementation.
2. Coordination between technical and administrative staff and staff at the college.
3. Working on submitting suggestions on completing the faculty's needs from faculty, technicians, other auxiliary groups, facilities, equipment, tools, etc.
4. Monitoring the progress of the study and examinations and keeping the system within the college and inform the university president of all that would prejudice the functioning of the faculty or what is attributed to a member of the faculty.
5. Supervising the employees of the administrative bodies at the college and supervising their work.
6. Preparation of a report at the end of each academic year on the college's practical, educational, administrative and financial affairs. This report includes a description of the aspects of the college's activity, the level of performance of the work, the studies and examinations and its results, the obstacles that hindered the implementation and presentation of the proposals with suitable solutions. the University .