Dean's Message

Dear students, Happy New Year on the occasion of the start of the new academic year. May God make it a blessed, successful and happy year.
At the beginning, I would like to extend to you my sincere thanks and appreciation for your precious trust in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Beni Suef University, according to which we will strive to overcome all obstacles in front of you in order to live up to your expectations of this precious institution.
My dear children, I would like to hold you responsible for investing your precious time, for time is life, and a minute that passes will not come back. A person's practical value depends on his good use of his time. The time that a person used to become a scientist, a leader, or a wealthy person is the same time that another person wasted and did not reap anything. Do you know, my children, that the actual number of hours in a day is about 12 hours after deducting sleeping and eating times, etc. Therefore, losing an hour every day is equivalent to losing a year of life every 12 years, so how much is losing several hours every day!!
The second thing that I would like to draw your attention to, my dear children, is the necessity of balance between rights and duties. You have rights over us to provide knowledge and decent humane treatment, but you have duties to adhere to the controls, learn lessons, and be courteous. There are those who only look at their rights and remain complaining all the time, and there are those who only look at their duties and feel unfair to themselves by losing rights that they did not know they had.
The third and final thing, my dear children, that I call upon you to do is to insist on success, regardless of the results. If you achieve what you want, you have succeeded in achieving your goal. If you do not achieve it the first time, you must strive to succeed in knowing the reasons behind not achieving the goal so that it will be a temporary failure. A rung on the ladder of success.
In conclusion, I extend to you my sincere wishes for success and success, and we pledge, as long as we are here, to carry out our message towards you before God with all sincerity. May God protect you and our country and its precious people.
Dean of the College
Prof. Dr. Basem Anwar Shehata
                                                             Prof. Dr. Basem Anwar Shehata
                                                    Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Beni Suef University