Practical training for biochemical analysis diploma students

25 Feb 2024

The college administration was keen that students of the Biochemical Analysis Diploma receive actual practical training and not be satisfied with the theoretical aspect. Accordingly, the necessary analysis kits and tools were provided to train students in conducting various analyses
Under the supervision of faculty members of the Department of Biochemistry.
Diploma students received practical training to conduct various analyses, such as:
Mineral analyzes (iron and phosphorus levels in the blood) and pancreatic functions (amylase enzyme), in addition to analyzes for sugar and fat levels, liver function tests, and kidney function tests
As part of the College of Pharmacy administration’s keenness to cover all practical and
skill aspects that related to the field of medical analysis.
A training course was organized at the Faculty of Nursing - Beni Suef University for students to train on the skills of drawing blood samples and all the instructions and precautions associated with them. Training was also given on how to deal with various cases of patients and the recommended procedures to be followed when complications occur, in addition to the various warnings that must be taken into account before withdrawing the sample. Dr.Alsayed Sabiq, coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing at Beni Suef National University, provided theoretical explanation and practical training for students.